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Age 6-14 ♥ Technology

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The Easiest Way To Get Your School Coding!

Robotify provides the curriculum, the easy-to-use tools and all the resources you need to run a perfect CS program in your school. 

Robotify lets you build your knowledge in fun and engaging environments. Use virtual representations of robots that are hard or impossible to get at home. Learn with specific, relevant feedback and courses designed to get users from zero to programmer!

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Built by Educators for Educators

Robotify is accessible to all – no experience required! We’ll give you the help you need to get started.



Robotify-Educator Resources

Their automated system will save you time and effort in assessing students and monitoring the progress of your virtual classroom.

Robotify-STEM Courses

Learn to code using virtual robots in a gamified, project based learning environment.

Robotify-Coding Curriculum

Robotify’s curriculum is designed to complement your existing CSTA curriculum.

For teachers, manage your students is so easy!

Classroom Management

•Import Existing Data

Robotify allows you to import your existing classroom data from places like Clever Sync, Google Classroom and Microsoft Azure.

•Manage Your Students Like Never Before

View important information about your classroom and assign work for your students, all from the management dashboard.

Robotify-Classroom Management

Also, Robotify has Guide Book & Educator Assistance!

Robotify-Educator Resource Pack

Educator Resource Pack

•Guide Book for Educators

Educator resource documents provide a detailed explanation of each task and solution.

•Educator Assistance

Educators receive instructions on how to help students moving at different paces.

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